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SUMMILUX 50 SL ASPh "My new modern 50mm reference"

Aggiornamento: 4 set 2021

Summilux 50 SL ASPH

I've been using the Summilux 50 SL for a few years, despite its size, it's the "modern" 50 mm I prefer. But let's go step by step!

I used a lot of 50 mm lenses because, with 90 mm, it's the focal length I prefer and use most often, Noctilux f1 is the "old" 50 mm that I love but, speaking of modern lenses, the Summilux 50 SL is absolutely what I like the most.

I had the fantastic Summilux 50 M Asph that I used on Leica M, it has an amazing quality and it's very small and easily transportable. After buying the Leica SL I continued to use the 50 Lux M ASPH for some time but, thanks to a friend, I had the opportunity to try the 50 Lux SL. The fact that the L lens had the autofocus (although I hadn't heard of it too well) was definitely a great advantage so I started the first tests with a lot of enthusiasm.

Mounted on my SL I immediately shot at f1.4... the definition is truly amazing!!! It looks like a 50 APO Summicron with the summilux "character". The colors are fantastic and the plasticity is excellent. I love some pre-asph lenses of the Mandler era, less defined than modern lenses, but with an incredible 3d effect.

With the introduction of extremely defined ASPH lenses, in some cases, the typical “plasticity” of the old lenses has been lost ... this 50 SL is the perfect combination of present and past and maintains a great 3D effect with a modern rendering and a very high definition.

Now let's talk about autofocus. Compared to my APO Summicron 90 and 35 L, it's slower on SL and SL2, but one thing must be said: it is VERY accurate! Yes, it is extremely precise even at 1.4. When I had the SL, with the firmware updates, the autofocus speed has improved a lot, I have noticed a further increase on SL2, so I hope, with future updates, that it can still improve.

Resistance to flare is excellent, modern lenses now have incredible treatments.


What to say? It became my reference 50 mm. The quality of this lens is very high and the autofocus is useful in many situations, for this reason I decided to sell my 50 Lux M apsh and invest in this lens. For the considerable weight is not a reportage lens traveling I prefer to bring the 35 APO Summicron L, but when I go out to do a certain type of photography, it's the only lens that I carry with me.

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